Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glogster EDU

Glogster is an interactive tool that allows teachers and students to create online posters or webpages.  Multimedia including text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data, is used to create a Glog.  A Glog is created using a drag and drop interface that is easy to use for students of all ages.

Here is a link to my very first Glog I made just playing around:

Glogster can be used in any content area for any age group.
I personally have used Glogster in my high school health class and it worked out great. I was tired of doing the same old arts and craft poster as an assessment and wanted to try something different. I had a positive experience and response from my students. Set up was easy, and the students caught on very quickly. I'd say directions for my students took roughly 10 minutes and I let them get started exploring and creating. I circulated the room while they were working and had very few questions.

It is very easy to figure out on your own but if you want to check out a very informative, step-by-step video here is a link.  http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/glogster/index.htmlThis video is too big to fit into the blog because it has 20 sections and shows the user how to sign up, add text, video, music, and much more.

For a shorter, basic tutorial of Glogster EDU check out this youtube video:

It is best to use Glogster EDU in the classroom and it is free to set up an account for teachers and students.  There are upgrades available.  Here is the link to see the different plans and what each offers. http://edu.glogster.com/product-information/



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