Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Daily Track Burner

I have set up an account with daily track burner because I wanted to see what type of information I would receive immediately.  The set up is great.  I have a Daily Actions chart set up that tracks my body, nutrition, workouts, and sleep.  A Weight Progress Chart is also set up for me.  This is great because we do a paper copy progress report on students' weight in Aerobics that I keep.  Using Daily Burn Tracker will allow students to keep track of their progress at home and more often. 

Other great things my tracker include:  workout reminders, journals,  types of workouts, goals, challenges, and calorie counts.  Here's the link if you want to see my daily tracker:

I just received an email from daily burn tracker, four days after I signed up.  They are really motivating me to keep track of my goals.  Here is a shot of the email:

Have you reached your goals?
Hey slbell,
Our goal is to make sure you reach your goals!
Completing the following tasks will help you stay motivated
and on track for meeting your fitness goals.
Join a Challenge. (Estimated Time: 3 minutes)
Find or Invite your Friends. (Estimated Time: 2 minutes)
Setup a Training Plan. (Estimated Time: 5 minutes)
Setup your Calorie Goals. (Estimated Time: 2 minutes)


  1. Stacey, do you have your students keep a log of certain components of their health for your health class?

    1. Hi Ibby,
      I don't have my health students keep a components of health log but I do have my Aerobics class keep a progress report. It includes their goals, weight, and measurements.

  2. Wow, this is a great tool. I might use it for myself.