Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glogster in My Classroom

I have used Glogster as an introduction to using technology in health education.  My classes are a mixture of all different grade and achievement levels therefore, I use Glogster in the first unit.  It is easy to use for beginners and advanced students.  The first unit in health is personal and consumer health. 

Standard:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use knowledge, skills, and strategies to develop sound personal and consumer health practices involving the use of health products, services, and community resources.

Outcome:  Students will define and give examples of the components of health, identified as spiritual, physical, emotional/mental, social, and environmental. 

The assessment that I use Glogster for also fulfills the following ISTE technology standard:

1.  Creattivity and Innovation:  Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and  processes using technology.

The following are examples of my students using Glogster to create posters or webpages describing what they do to fulfill each of the components of health.

Burnett Componets Glog thumbnail       http://slbell2.edu.glogster.com/burnett-componets/

powell componets Glog thumbnail     http://slbell2.edu.glogster.com/powell-componets/

Paris Components Glog thumbnail    http://slbell2.edu.glogster.com/paris-components/

Leftwood Components Glog thumbnail    http://slbell2.edu.glogster.com/leftwood-components/

Morgan Components Glog thumbnail   http://slbell2.edu.glogster.com/morgan-components/

robinson-components Glog thumbnail    http://slbell2.edu.glogster.com/robinson-components/

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